Composer-Saxophonist-Band Leader
A Universalist Music
A Shared Emotion…

The instrumentalist:

Gerard Ramos is a saxophonist of talent, he played with various formations of jazz,
varieties and traditional.
His quality and his sensitivity enabled him to occur with international musicians such as
Richie Cole, Cab Calloway, George Benson ...........
His musical versatility enabled him to record with the philharmonic orchestra of Monte Carlo (recording with Lambert WILSON),
as well as the philharmonic orchestra of Nice (Tribute to Maurice Jaubert, French Composer).

The Composer

Gerard Ramos is the author of the electroacoustic symphony,” Symphonia” perfomed for Amnesty International.
He also composed many musical parts for dance companies “ Pulse 1”, "Parallèle" etc..(dance and saxophone)
We also owe him the opening music of the first International Gymnastics games of Monte Carlo,
“ MARCHE POUR UN SOUFFLE ”(Walk for a breath).
His work was rewarded in Lyon in a French national competition for music film
(2nd award and Public award).
He is also musical software designer: (Jazzchord (harmony of the Jazz)
and My band (musical playback of all style))
He is active member of the SACEM (composition and arrangements).

The Leader

In 1995 he creates in Antibes his jazz Big band: Big Band Gerard Ramos
In 1996 he assembles a formation of jazz in Septet, whose originality is to mix different music style (Classical Saxophones Quartet and Jazz Rythmic)
In 1998, he creates the Gerard Ramos Quintet who is brought to occur
on the largest international scenes of the Jazz: Jazz in Vienna,
Bordighera Jazz, Nice Jazz Festival, Festival of Antibes Juan Pines, Jazz in Touraine etc ..........
It is with this last formation that he records the albums « COOL EMOTION » and « L'HYMNE A L'AMOUR »

The Man

It is all the love of the world which he expresses through its music
His universalist message is a musical hyphen between people
His rigour, his power of play and his charm give emotion.